Le soleil sur ma peau

Le soleil sur ma peau is an essay on what alternative can be in cinema. This wonder comes with the exploration of the 16mm film material. Through the exposure of the film and of a self, action finds a free meaning, embracing the organic process of a living strength. For diversity and free will, culture and nature meet again in a narrative process.

Few books, a discovery of film material and four interviewees drove the research. Etienne Caire is the captain of Atelier MTK, a leading film laboratory in the history of experimental cinema in France. Shelly Silver is an independent filmmaker from N.Y. holding a retrospective on Cinéma du Réel 2015. She plays with multi-level narrations in short videos and masters the art of free narration in cinema. Robert Fenz is an independent filmmaker based in L.A and specialist of Robert Gardner, black & white and no-sound films, first and foremost, a genius of thoughts. Emmanuel Lefrant is the dedicated captain of Light Cone, the worldwide known and most active distributer for experimental cinema in Europe.

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Le soleil sur ma peau, petite histoire d’exposition – C.Barthelemy


The race of nature

Organic Life is a short film made at Atelier MTK (Grenoble). It is an exploration of 16mm material with a unique photograph taken from strolls in Isère area.
The film is itself an organic beat – copying an infinite image-movement.
Determined or undefined, organic life takes place like a snake. Here, now, everywhere.